What are the best brands of bikinis for summer?

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When it comes to a summer uniform, the bikini is at the top of the list. Sure, there are a million cute swimsuits out there, but that doesn't mean that picking a bikini is an easy feat. How and where you plan to wear your bikini can have a big impact on what style and brand of bikini is right for you. From socializing to soaking up the sun or working it out with water sports, here are some of the best brands of bikinis for summer help suit your needs.

Red Carter

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian absolutely love Red Carter's versatile line. This South Beach label is known for its superb fit, array of bold prints and subtle details. The line carries bikinis that are suitable for all kinds of body shapes. Highly advanced technical construction not only assures a flattering silhouette, but also lets you frolic in the water and sun mishap-free. After all, it's hard to feel carefree when you're worried about giving a little too much away!

Seventh Wonderland

If you are looking for a suit that can take you beyond the beach, look no further than this Aussie brand. Refinery 29 has cited Seventh Wonderland as one of summer's hottest new swimwear lines, and stars such as Rihanna and Goldfrapp have been known to rock their suits on stage as well as in the water. Edgy and architectural, your new Seventh Wonderland bikini can be layered under a sheer or crochet top and paired with some jean cutoff shorts and platform heels for a street-friendly, downtown summer vibe.

L Space

Sophisticated, chic, and most certainly fashion forward, Creative Directer Monica Wise has been kicking ass and taking names since starting the swimwear line L Space and being named 2010 Mercedes Benz Designer of the Year. L Space was SIMA's swimwear brand of the year, and with one glance at its unique styles and high-end looks, it's easy to see why L Space is such a killer line. Celebrities such as Mel B, Kirsten Bell and Jessica Alba have all donned the edgy brand, and the swimwear line continues to pick up adoring followers with each summer.


If you want to partake of the new swimwear trends this season, but don't want to break the bank doing so, Asos has a great in-house line that is affordable and distinctive. "You just can't get looks these unique for these prices," says San Francisco-based swimwear designer Lauren Gallagher. From one-shoulder bandeaus to twisted halter tops and high-waisted bottoms, Asos has a vast range that will leave you struggling to pick out just one. But with mix-and-match options at such reasonable prices, you might not have to stop at one after all.

Even with the best brands of bikinis it is important to remember that the best swimsuit is one that you feel good wearing as there is nothing that is more attractive than confidence. Now it's time to let your swimwear do the work while you have the fun. So toss on that suit already, and don't forget your smile!

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