Can you embrace fashion trends on a budget?

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Trends in fashion come and go. Most often they come with a pretty gigantic price tag. Thankfully with today’s fast fashion landscape, it’s much more budget friendly to adapt and evolve with the trends. When it comes to trends it’s an individual choice when to accept them or reject them. When choosing to embrace them a factor to consider is the impact they will have on our wallets. While it’s true trends come back around in a circular fashion after a few years, it’s just not plausible to hold on to items in our closets with the hope they become popular again someday or to spend a month's worth of expenses on one must have item. So when it comes to choosing which trends to put our hard earned dollars behind, it’s always better to choose the ones in line with our individual personal styles. It is possible to access fashion trends on a budget thanks to the help of fast fashion and other big box stores like Target. There a few guidelines to consider when choosing to embrace fashion trends on a budget. First, always stick to your personal style sense. If it doesn’t make you feel confident, reconsider before choosing to add it to your wardrobe. It saves valuable time and resources on returns plus saves valuable space in the closet. Feeling confident translates to looking good which means embracing the trend fully rather than stopping short. Second, look for quality well-made items when shopping. Fast fashion and big box stores may be cheaper but sometimes you get what you pay for. Garments made in these stores can fall apart quickly or shrink in the first wash. Choose to buy things that may be a little more expensive because they will last longer. Beware of cuts and certain fabrics especially when buying online. When buying online it’s hard to know what you are getting. Things can arrive stained, damaged, with loose threads, or just not what you were expecting. Third, look at the store you are buying them from. When stores mass produce and switch out items so often, they rush to fulfill trends and more popular pieces. This can lead to an oversight on quality and lasting power. Trends come into the spotlight just as quickly as these stores stock them so just because they are trendy doesn’t mean they are worth your time or money. Lastly, feel free to make your own trends. Just because something was popular on a runway, a Jenner, or an “it” girl of the moment, doesn’t mean it is worth adding to your wardrobe. Stores like Zara and Target, who has a wonderful, budget friendly style collaboration with Who What Wear, have plenty of hidden gems that others aren’t even noticing while browsing. Pieces are often inspired by trends or simply low-cost knockoffs of popular designer styles. Regardless of what you choose, odds are it will be in style in the future or just give your personal style a bit more of an edge. Once you’ve chosen which trends to embrace and incorporated them into your wardrobe, it’s time to make them last. If you love them, save them, and treat them well. When the trend inevitably comes back around through the fashion cycle you’ll be prepared with a classic piece that has stood the test of time.

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