What is a timeless unique heel for someone who doesn't wear heels.

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When we think of timeless heels we often think of Coco Channels black dress, a nice pair of Levi jeans, or the classy trench coat. We often overlook the most obvious fashion accessory and that is a safe, eloquent, and comfortable heel. With the fashion industry growing bigger everyday it's easy to overlook this simple accessory and especially if you're someone who's not familiar with heels and fashion. I don't know how many time's I've gotten a text from a friend asking if I had a pair they could borrow because they bought the outfit but couldn't find comfortable shoes. What is a timeless unique heel for someone who doesn't wear heels? Wedged heels.

There are a few healthy benefits to the wedged heal. Traditional heels higher then 2 inches or higher reduce your foots ability to reduce shock. This causes unnecessary strain on the hip joints and knees, explains Stephen Hartman, the chief executive officer of the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine. Wearing the traditional style will often end your day with an aching back and tired legs. Prolonged wear of these types of heels can cause ingrown nails, bunions, and even arthritis. Because the wedged heel provides stable support and isn't putting your foot at an angle it reduces the risks (listed above) significantly.

Now the wedged heel isn't all about preventative and health it's also a fun and classy way to show of your style as well. Some style basics include make sure heals and outfit match and have fun with it. It can add a unique twist to your t-shirt and jeans routine. These heels can dress up a pair of shorts or even dress down a dress by using more earthy tones. Wearing this style will elongate your figure and add nice tone to your calves.

Now I know what you might be thinking: They look heavy I couldn't lug those around! How scary. Can I walk in them? I don't think I could walk in those. Let me put those thoughts to rest. We all have that moment at least once in our life where wearing heals seems the most appropriate. The wedged heal is wide enough and flat enough to feel like a shoe. Nobody likes to walk around town looking like a baby Bambi.

Now let's talk fashion- style basics Many fashion experts and lovers would recommend finding a nice black or white pair to start out. Every shoe takes a minute to get used to so don't fret if it's a little weird at first and if you ever feel like it's to high just try for a shorter heel. Only in the 80s was bigger considered better. Many celebrities enjoy this heel including the fashionista Emma Roberts, Mother Jessica Alba, and the foxy Stephanie Foxx (no sorry's for my unoriginal joke.) It really helps when you want to look and feel good about what your wearing.

What's a timeless unique heel for someone who doesn't wear heels? I will always say the wedged heal. It's classy, comfortable, convenient. So what makes it timeless? It's versatility. Anyone from the heel expert to the women who never worn heels in their life could walk in these and feel good in them at the same time.

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