What does a woman think of when she hears "Building Blocks of Style"?

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“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” – Oscar De La Renta

It’s easy to get sucked into the quicksand that’s papered with fashion plates from Milan and Paris and (fill in name of impressive European fashion mecca here). With that glittery sand in your eyes and brain, it’s no wonder you open your armoire and cringe at the lumps of off-the-rack knock-offs that are the meat and potatoes of your wardrobe. What a cruel, cruel world that would see you mope about the landscape, day after day, in these discount threads! Oh, woe is you, woe is you, woe is—okay, that’s enough. That sad little scenario involving the drama queen (aka you) is absolutely unnecessary and highly unbecoming of an ass-kicking lovely young lady like you, so let’s not dwell there.

Haute Couture, High Fashion, Fashion Week, the glitter, the celebrities, the emaciated models that still manage to have bigger boobs than me, all that Fashion represents is amazing and exciting and beautiful— and typically completely impractical for the every day hustle that most of us take part in on the regular.

Now hold on, calm down - that doesn’t mean we’re sentenced to a drab, shapeless, hopeless closet. Not even close! Look, I don’t know about you, but it’s a must that my outside come within the same shphere of Badass as my inside. I don’t walk out of my house – not even to go to the mailbox – unless I wouldn’t mind being caught on camera. Yes, those mailbox trips are usually in a racerback tank top with a built in bra and some type of exercise leggings or shorts. Yes, I am only wearing eyeliner. Yes, I look damn good.

What I’ve been getting at, albeit in a roundabout way, is that Fashion and its fickle trends are not what makes a person stylish, they are not the Building Blocks of Style. See, you can wrap yourself in the hottest haute and not turn a single head and you can be in yoga pants and a tank top and have people asking where you got those pants and that shirt. The Building Blocks of Style are unique to each person and carved in our hearts. They’re inside, always have been and always will be.

Now, let’s move on to the productive part of this piece. In fact, I am about to impart the most important of all important pieces in the building block branch of my brain to you. Ready?

Okay, I want you to sit down – or stand, your choice – and close your eyes and think of the one outfit in your closet that is your Superhero Outfit. What was that you said? You never heard of it? Oh honey, please allow me to expand your vocab and your mind.

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, has at least one Superhero Outfit. It’s that one outfit that you own that you save for special occasions or when you need an extra smidge of confidence; the outfit that makes you feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel; the outfit that you KNOW you look damn good in, from any angle and in any light – THAT is your Superhero Outfit. My closet’s full of them. On purpose. Yours should be, too.

That is my best fashion advice to anyone. Your closet and wardrobe should be full and, in fact, consist mainly of Superhero Outfits. Can you imagine how much better your day would be if every day you got to wear a Superhero Outfit?? It’s life changing.

Next time we’ll talk about some of my favorite places for fashion on a budget and how not to dig yourself a tunnel into the poorhouse filling your closet with Superhero Outfits.

One more thing before I go, do yourself a huge solid and remember this: being fashionable is easy, all it takes is some Benjamins and an internet connection, but finding and owning your own style in your own skin? That’s where the real accomplishment lies.

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