What are the hottest women's fashion trends summer 2011?

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The hottest women’s fashion trends summer 2011 will be flowing fabrics, laced with fabulous color, and soft neutrals. Black and white fashion's continues to keep their place as big colors for women’s summer fashion trends of 2011.

Black and white fashions were big on the runways this season. A lot of designers had particularly beautiful uses for these two classics. Let's face it - you can't go wrong with the traditional black and white outfit. It’s a combination that simply cannot be beat. Also, this summer dresses, and skirts will remain must haves for women’s fashion... But this season fashion designer's have also given us all kinds of fun fashions that will offer gorgeous colored prints, stripes, and geometric patterns... The main theme this summer will be fairly fitted, yet classy but with a touch of bright boldness and an edgy flare. Also, women’s trends this summer have taken a turn for the lighter fabrics. They are looking for the flirty and fun influence. These heavenly inspired designs are heavily in stock throughout stores for the hottest women’s trends this summer. Soft, feminine, flowing dresses and blouses will make you feel like an angel while looking like one too. Bright colors are not out however. This summer you will see a new come of red. It’s always a classic, but a little more trendy this summer. To go along with the touch of heaven, the drape this season will be very Grecian. You will be feeling like a Greek Goddess suited up in your tailored pleats, delicate folds, and beautiful draping. Or maybe you would like to try your stuff with a different style. The one shoulder look is back and sexy as ever. It really accentuates the best parts of the women’s body while still being very classy. If you’re more of a sporty girl don’t worry, you have plenty of options as well. The tailored blazers, fitted cardigans, and ties are all still in. You can try dressing these looks up with a large necklace, or an accent jewelry piece. As far as prints this summer, go for the floral. There is a wide range a fashionable flora’s this summer, don’t be afraid to go for the bold south pacific inspired prints. Also, if you’re feeling less adventurous you can try the softer muted pastels. Be as creative as possible, and don’t forget you can always mix and match. Lace is huge this for Women’s hottest summer 2011 fashion trends. It’s literally everywhere. It’s been spotted this season from lingerie to shoes. It looks great on from head to toe. The elegance that a strip of lace can add to a look is astounding. As far as handbags go for women's fashion trends summer 2011, they are simply fabulous. Bright white clutches with absolutely gorgeous chains are a must have. Everything shiny this summer, if you can’t spot the bag glistening from the jewelry section it’s not worth your time or money. If you really are overwhelmed by the shimmering choices out there, you can’t go wrong with either a short strapped oversized handbag or totally oversized clutches.

If you stick to these tips, you'll be sure to rock the hottest women's fashion trends summer 2011.
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