How can I look fashionable on a budget?

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Trends will continue to change, but money seems to be getting tighter in this unfortunate economy. If you love to be the first one to rock ankle boots or the newest style jeggings, you know this isn’t a cheap passion. Trying to chase after the ever-changing trends can leave you frustrated and broke. Unless of course, you find a way to mix in classic closet staples with reasonably priced fad items. Congrats, you have come to the place where looking amazing is as high of a priority as saving money. Here we will give you a few tips for saving money and still being able to look fashionable on a budget.

Make sure you have the vital closet staples

Whether it’s a perfectly fitted black cap sleeved shirt from Hugo or Mossimo, it needs to be a classic shape that endures the test of time. It isn’t always about the price of an item, but rather how it washes, stretches, and withstands abuse. This rule goes for all closet staples: perfectly fitted black shirt, blazer, dressy jeans, black leggings or tights, little black dress, sweater in your signature color, classic pumps and a great pair of boots (heeled or flat). Accessories are important too—diamond or CZ earrings, classic silver or gold hoops, a chunky neutral bangle, and amazing sunglasses. With these items in your closet, you can add to, layer, and change outfits around depending on the trend. In addition, most of these items are seasonless which means you can look great throughout the year.

Discount shopping sites

Before the days of “daily deals” and barcode scanners, fashionistas had to live with the buyer’s remorse after paying too much for an item. Nowadays, you can find a great pair of pumps at Nordstrom and scan the barcode from your Smartphone to find the cheapest priced retailer. In addition, deal websites let you grab the latest in designer brands for a fraction of the cost (but you have to buy in a limited time frame). If you haven’t done so, sign up for,,, or, do so after you are done reading (Better yet, open up a new window and do it now!) Not only are their prices deeply discounted, they do special “Sunday night steals” which allow for up to 90% off retail prices! Example, recently a pair of Pour La Victoire studded boots that retail for $488 sold for $99, meaning you can still look fashionable on a budget!

Splurge on Classics

If you aren’t feeling the word “splurge” right now that’s ok, most people aren’t either. Something to keep in mind however is to plan on purchasing a few key items overtime that will enhance your look. A classic monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag will never go out of style. Better than that, it can make a dress from Target or Forever 21 look like a million bucks. The same goes for a great sparkly bracelet, designer watch, or a pair of Louboutin pumps. Aside from LV, most designers discount their lines resulting in incredible pieces, which you can almost literally wear forever. (If you're 80 and sporting the Louboutin’s, you get huge props)!

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