What are the leggings trends of 2012?

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Happy 2012! Let’s talk about the leggings trends of 2012. Leggings are still in style for women's fashion in the New Year, and they’re not just for working out. Whether you’re dressing up for work or play, there are great new styles to enjoy for the remaining chilly months. I enjoy combining a nice pair of leggings with a cowl-neck sweater. Or if I’m going for a more business attire look, I’ll wear a Tahari blazer on top of a sophisticated blouse or dress. With the proper fit and cut, a pair of leggings can accentuate a woman’s curves and elongate the legs. Leggings can be dressed up with the right ensemble, making them comfortable yet fashionable. I try to find leggings that fit from the bottom of the ankle, so I can wear them with boots.Tights are also a wonderful way to play up the legs in the winter. As a southern girl, I'm on my fifth winter in New York City and I'm finally embracing the art of dressing warm in a fashionable manner. My first winter found me layering on every sweater I owner, in the attempt to prevent freezing my tush off. Gradually, as each season of chilly delight passed, I learned to properly dress. Today, I picked up a comfy pair of Urban Outfitter’s sweater tights, and I look forward to trying them on this brisk January day. With a variety of different types of tights to choose from, it’s fun to play up a simple outfit by showing off a cool pattern on the legs. I particularly enjoy pairing a fun color such as purple with my favorite pair of Steve Madden booties. It took me forever to find the right pair of booties. I felt like I searched the city for weeks!

With warm thoughts of springtime frolicking in my mind, I really love the latest trend of sheer leg wear. Beautiful patterns of flowers, hearts, and miscellaneous designs make showing off the legs fun and delightful. Numerous designers such as Burberry, Chanel, and Carolina Herrera’s fall 2011 collection featured a wonderful array of sheer patterned tights. Shimmery sheer tights have been made popular by the Duchess of Cambridge, lovely Kate Middleton, who did a recent North American tour. Even Madonna has made it official, wearing sheer black fishnets at a recent movie photo-call. (Photo by Getty) She also wore amazing fingerless Chanel gloves. Stylish? Yes. Warm? No. I still want a pair.Another trend seen all over the runway and on the streets of 5th Avenue are faux leather leggings, which are sexy and wonderful in cold weather. These are ideal for pairing with a long sleeve top or long sweater, along with a pair of pumps for legs that go on for miles. I have yet to find a pair for myself, but I have a few more weeks of winter NYC weather to enjoy leggings trends of 2012 in. And when spring arrives, I’m going to enjoy finding a lovely selection of sheer legwear. Looking forward to a fashionable New Year!

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